Saturday, 1 May 2010

Creamed a baby runner and Oil leak rate 25,000 barrels

The important news first a sub 30 year old runner had the temerity to pass me while I tiggered through the local park.
Total wipe out for the nipper of course I toyed with him for a while before turning the turbo on, ah - the simple pleasures.

Leak Rate 25,000 bpd -- TERROR NOT RULED OUT
Economic Damage in Tens of Billions -- Environmental Catastrophe -- Bigger then Katrina

April 30, 2010, 1330 PDT -- I watched the press conference live. The question came from a Dow Jones reporter. Present on the stage (among others) were Slazar (Interior), Napolitano (DHS), The Chairman of BP, Gov. Jindal and a Coast Guard Admiral. The Dow Jones reporter confronted the attendees with two scientific studies saying that the leak rate from the sunken oil rig in the gulf was actually 25,000 barrels per day or five times more than BP had been stating as of this morning. Initial reports kept it a a couple hundred barrels per day but the number of barrels -- and the size of the slick -- continue to grow. No one on the dais denied or even modestly refuted the number. They had been totally busted. The Coast Guard Admiral, protecting her service, stepped up and said, "We have been operating since Day One as though this were a worst-case scenario." The BP Chairman took the mic and also did not deny it. He mumbled something about "we're responding as the numbers get bigger."

Try to find this in the main stream media...

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