Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Allotmentering for fitness and doom:¬)

Congratulations on the various race reports of the fling, I think I could actually make it round based on them, 50K has been my limit to date and so I will train for next years race.
Training has been limited to sub 60 mins runs lately as I pursue other dark obsessions;¬):

The allotment - now has a full cardboard jacket.
Latest consignment of seeds has arrived Garlic Chives, Wild Ransoms, Welsh Onions, Garlic Mustard, Onion (Armstrong), Basil, Okra.
Spot the theme.

Mainstream media manipulation:

Another sign of the times misreported by the mainstream media.
Arizona immigration law:
Gives police in Arizona the right to ask anyone to prove who they are - why you may ask.
Are they a bunch of gun toting red necks looking for any opportunity to roust the wet backs out of town when not required for 'Señorita' or farm hand duty :¬))

As The Guardian puts it:
'Pro-immigration groups across the US expressed despair today after Arizona passed the toughest bills in the country which they say are aimed at forcing out hundreds of thousands of Latinos living illegally in the state.'
Writes The Guardian.

The reality is that society in the West is collapsing any country or state that has a war (see the quote below) going on, on its border has a duty of care to prevent the war coming home.
Business as usual is the mantra of the 'recovery' so we are seeing less and less of the real news as it gets worse;¬)

"The violence is unprecedented. Never in the history of Mexico has the government lost such capacity to govern. So far this year, the homicide rate in the Juárez Valley is about 1,260 per 100,000 inhabitants," says Chihuahua state human rights representative and attorney Gustavo de la Rosa Hickerson. "This murder rate is only found on the battlefields of open warfare and could qualify as genocide."
Quoted here:

Here is a link to another report suggesting we are now at a tipping point:

Also worth noting are the opinions of Gerald Celente:

Reply to a letter from the Town Clerk about my allotment ;¬))

'Dear Town Clerk

Letter through door at 18:00 today.

People do love to talk!

Re: several calls received regarding me offering to sublet my plot.

I have a friend who is helping me out with my allotment it is not sublet as indeed it could not be.
The cowardly people concerned are beneath contempt as far as I am concerned.

Re: photo received of my plot.
The cardboard is organic material in sheets it suppresses weeds reduces watering needs and saves the council the cost of collection.
The pieces of metal came with the plot and are used all over the allotments as poles of various types, I have used them to stop the cardboard blowing away.
You must censure any one else using metal scrap or **** off.

Old tyres are widely used as containers - take it up with Bob Flowerdew on Gardeners Question time if you do not believe me.
I am using them so that I can bank up potatoes more easily and will also be using them as cloches for winter greens with the addition of recycled glass.

So I am adding to the soil fertility with the cardboard and keeping it clear of weeds.
I have planted under the cardboard and when they germinate I will cut holes for the individual plants.

I am also adding to the soil fertility with my urine, the best source of phosphate.
Please bring up on charges any allotment holder using less effective methods of fertility improvement.

It comes as no great surprise to me to receive your letter it is what I have come to expect from the ignorant c**** people of another place.

I will not want to continue with my tenancy after this year if it means I have to tolerate this level of back biting bull.

In fact if you would like to partially refund the period left I will vacate the lot with a weeks notice.

Life is too short for this sort of nonsense.


Outrageous breaker of the peace, poltroon, ne'er-do-well, piker, renegade

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