Saturday, 8 May 2010

Hot foot from Northampton to Campbell Park and collapse :¬)

Perfect running weather yesterday cool with some sunshine.
24 or so miles Brian has the exact figure.
An uneventful run wore my five fingers KSO (keep stuff out) minus socks.
This worked fine no blisters, some abrasion where KSO failed allowing pieces of stuff in.
A few sole penetrations from discarded hawthorn prunings.
Surfaces were good until approaching Wolverton where the small gravel on a hard surface was challenging.
With the new Trek versions this should be barely perceptible as the sole and liner unit is double the KSO.
Nutrition 4 packs of Clip2 made up into 2* 8oz feeder bottles and something exotic (included green tea) Brian was trying out.
Brian seemed to be very comfortable so I forecast success in the Brum to Town run.

Just hand a munch on home grown purple sprouting very tasty

The collapse:
Gerald Celente his record speaks for itself.

Watch this one -

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