Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Bike, run to out of town, stalker and plant puller

A picture of my TOR cruzbike conversion bring your good legs and you can have a ride;-)

Yes, you to can have your own stalker.
I will talk to anyone I happen to find myself in the company of even when signing as a government artist...
Once I realised she was not quite the full ticket I became less forthcoming attempting to pick my place in the queue with due diligence.
She obviously saw this as a sign to up the signals - plonking herself down beside me her arm sliding along the back of the seating behind me.
I found a place to stand, PDQ ;-)
She has started popping up in my home town out of the blue, twice so far in exactly the same location so she must be following me.
First occasion I was carrying something and she appeared from nowhere around a corner and offered to help carry it.
Second occasion identical location as passing me, "you look as though you have had a productive afternoon".
Recently someone has been vandalising the veggies outside my house, no fence, they just pull them up and leave them.
This could be the dog owners who laugh when their dogs run after my cats one told me to "shut up" after I pointed out her dog should be under control, so I called her a "fat cow" - no more than the truth :-)
The peaceful country life.

A leisurely run out of town to hunt for some fleece to wrap my tomato plant, the Petsoe wind farm is working well in the > 10 mph winds.
I mention this because I was told by a fellow allotment holder that there is not enough wind to operate the turbines, he had swallowed the landowners propaganda.
According to him the cranes being used to put up the turbines were not rated to operate over 10 mph, therefore BLEW (Bucks Lacks Enough Wind)...LOL.
If you have seen 'The Age Of Stupid' (out on DVD) you will appreciate what the ruling class are capable of in this area.
Building my fitness base by attempting about an hour of cardio most days, this is also essential to get around without spending a day to get into MK and back by bus.
The services have no subsidy and are revised down every six months.
According to a recent survey we have the least useful public transport of a UK city.
'Nottingham has been identified as the least car dependent city in England, according to new research.'
'Milton Keynes came bottom, being described as "designed for the car".'

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