Wednesday, 25 August 2010

More notes on huaraches / five fingers / barefoot / silver comex

Barefoot Ted has just released a 10mm vibram sole - the Leadville after the Leadville 100.
This should be ideal for the Fling a rocky eroded track.
Plenty of time to try and source some 10mm vibram myself.

Renovated ancient classics, toxic as the gulf coast (benzene) does a great job of binding to areas that have worn through the razor stiping.
They need to be put through the washer first and thoroughly dried, then left for 48 hours outside after application.

Looks like the Silver Comex may break soon, a great shame.
The Comex is basically a branch of the US government that makes the market in silver.
This no longer works because the stock pile of silver has been used up, demand exceeds supply and the old price suppression techniques for the benefit of manufacturers i.e. creating unlimited paper silver to suppress the price is unwinding due to customers demanding physical delivery.
Paper exceeds supply by at least 100:1, the there is the effect of price suppression for decades and the economic crisis.

I sent the Comex an email in response to the posting on their website asking for comments from the public.
This was a one time email address from which one email was sent and the only reply received was from West African fraudsters.
A CIA dirty trick for little old me, the email address I used for the Comex was hidden in the header.
How we can allow anyone to be extradited to the USA is beyond me, their officialdom are the real criminals.

If you are interested in where the economy in the USA is heading scroll down until you find this heading:
'Subject: From Jim Willie'
24th August entry.

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