Sunday, 13 June 2010

Windmills on the horizon and oil blow-out

Sprouted a few weeks ago, one per day, click on the picture and you can see the early morning sunlight picking out the white towers in orange - 5 miles away.
The local countryside is industrial farmland so I think they add to a pretty bleak land scape.
Back to running in five fingers or some form of moccasin / sandal now that I have proven to myself that conventional shoes are disabling rather than running aids.
A fairly fast 50 minute spin this evening, humid nicely warm and caught a downpour for the last 5 minutes after stopping off to load up with chocolate ice cream and fig rolls for now.
Very nice combo I recommend it.

Matt Simmons who is an oil industry banker and Peak Oil believer has more to say on the oil blow out.
You will not find this in the mainstream media, which makes uncovering it more fun of course.

Clarification on the oil blow-out leak.
From much digging not in the mainstream media obviously...
Matt Simmons (see the 08/05/10 entry on the olney-transition news blog) does not give very clear interviews but recently it has become apparent what he means about the pictures on the seabed not showing what is going on.
(Matt's first experience in the oil industry was arranging finance for blow out capping attempts and equipment development)
Typically what happens with a blow-out is that the well casing is blown out of the well, this would include the BOP seen in the RUV shots.
This particular well casing does not have 'O' rings between inner and outer casing, so the vast majority of the oil flow will be coming directly up through the outer well casing...
All you are seeing is some portion of the less dense oil / gas fractions either still passing through the inner casing or just residual leakage from the expelled casing through the BOP.
So what you are seeing could be described as a mock up...

Link to main story found here:
which gave the link to here
from which I found the latest Matt Simmons video here

Watching these two short videos should convince you after all he was right way back on 08/05/10.

No one knows, QOTSA.

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