Saturday, 21 July 2012

All is young, no more than this tide.

Why the banksters don't lend to business.

All business new and old is becoming less profitable.

Pronouncements on the importance of growth is a form of madness - denial.

Banksters can get a guaranteed income just by holding the money given to them by governments and placing it in government vehicles for cash.

Lending money back to government also removes banksters debt exposure risk by securing future monetisation of the debt.
The less lent the more credit government will supply to try and achieve velocity.
Further co-joining the futures of governments and banks.

Reaching velocity is a probability game as the effects of asset deflation / resource  inflation become greater in the economy, efforts to increase moneys availability become more overt until der plebs get the message of inevitable monetisation and start acquiring tangible assets.

Deflation of static assets like a house as the earning potential of its occupants is progressively reduced on the world market and inflation in the prices of resources that are bought in the same with devalued currency.

The West must decline in terms of real economic output, costs are > cf. the East so  oil will flow in that direction as they can turn a bigger profit from the same energy.
Globalisation provided the means for the world elites to disenfranchise the West's population by freely transferring capital and technology.

The idea that knowledge based industries create wealth and is the future of the West is bunkum for the masses, access to ever increasing energy flows fueled the industrial revolution, the rest is self serving propaganda.

Disenfranchised populations have and are still war fighting to maintain the elites control of energy and resources, now with an ever smaller piece of the pie in return - you may have noticed food packet sizes are shrinking, mentioned on BBC radios long running drama 'The Archers'.

What we need is a currency that decreases in size as the GDP shrinks, along with a shrinking population.

The tide is going out.

Move along now...

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  1. Hey E! just wanted to stop by and say hello.
    love your blog, and this post was a great take on the flow of oil and money and how that works!

    keep up the good work and say hello to the cats for me! :D


    1. Thx. I try to communicate when I think a perspective is worth considering.
      We are being deafened by the bell ringing practice night of the church whose old graveyard these cottages are built on.
      Some luminary gave them a new set of bells recently, takes our minds of the rising damp :¬).