Monday, 14 November 2011

Barefoot Ted's Luna sandals one year of wear, autumn rig

Mostly running with some cycling and walking, replacement lace on right foot recently another month or so on the left.
Socks are merino / nylon / lycra mix from: £6.50 for 4 pairs, they don't have the advertised extra cushioning, still they do the job - I plan on two pairs as the season progresses, good service from the seller.
Get some darning thread and a needle mark the position of gap between big toe and the rest also the 2 distal points (end of each block of toe).
Remove sock, turn inside out, stitch up points to points including a short section parallel with the gap at your big toe.
Cut down the centre.

Thermals are from:, the imported value range same quality half the price, good customer service.

Running leggings are last years Lidl:

On reflection correctly adjusting this sandal depends on understanding that it is attached to your foot at 3 semi independent points all of which must be individually adjusted.
That is the length of lace from toe to ankle is first adjusted to be tight so a finger can just be pushed under; then the heel to heel, a bit tighter here.
Again from inside ankle across the front of the foot a tip here is when tying the knot lift your heel to get a tighter fit.

I have had zero injuries of any sort over this year other than a blister from trying a new tying technique.

These excellent self massage videos from Rich Poley have greatly reduced running after effects and improved recovery:

After each run I also do the standard standing stretches; two for calf, one for quad, combined hamstring and abductor (kick up foot against door frame stand side on and then lean forward along raised leg.

Enjoy, I do. :¬)

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