Sunday, 9 January 2011

Weather 2.0, icy huarache run

Went for an evening run in huaraches with coolmax toe socks, once warm any toe nip dissipated a very still day which helped, surfaces surprisingly glassy in places with frost on car windows.
No snow on the ground for now very clear skies no local heat island effect as semi rural.
Just what was required it has been 4 weeks...immediately my systolic dropped by 10 and diastole by 5.
Little burghers have decided to pull up my newly planted hedge plants - twice.
Once while I watched them do it, of course they scarpered before I could wring their loathsome pubescent necks;-)

Open water around the coast allows fresh water that would normally be locked up in ice to flow directly into the seas reducing the salinity of the warm Gulf Stream waters impacting the sinking process that powers thermohaline circulation.

This effect is mentioned along with much other good stuff in this National Geographic 'Big Freeze' video.

Here I have done a montage of the latest satellite analysis from the Mercator satellite combined with historical data on the closest available data sets.
As in my last post I suggest using your own excellent visual pattern recognition ability to do the number crunching.
It certainly looks damn cold for the rest of the winter especially in NW Scotland.
By the 17th the Polar Jetstream with be solidly to the south of the UK allowing arctic air to cascade down again.

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