Sunday, 12 December 2010

Weather and double bagged toes

'During 2007, 2008, 2009 the Jet Stream has been at an abnormally low latitude across the UK, lying closer to the English Channel, around 50°N rather than its more usual north of Scotland latitude of around 60°N.'

Compare the red nothing to see is there no cooling of the North Atlantic Drift just like the mainstream media have told you...

You are all bright people so I have expostulated the main stream media view below - enjoy ;-)

Following the ice melt of 2007 and its persistence I had been scouring on-line sources watching for indications of changes in the North Atlantic Drift (NAD) that provides central heating to the UK.
In February 2009 I found a report of anomalous ice edge formation i .e. the location had actively moved after ice formation had begun.
The Thermohaline circulation pump that powers the NAD occurs in these areas so obviously retreat of the polar sea ice sheet could impact both the location and extent of the warming effect associated with the NAD.
Looking at Mercator satellite imagery from 2008/9/10 trends can clearly be seen with the naked eye.
When combined with the latest reports from the Arctic Report Card - good short video and observations of changes in the polar jetstreams in Winter...
This video explains the significance of circular polar winds not forming in winter and the mechanism perfectly.
Richter-Menge, J., and J.E. Overland, Eds., 2010: Arctic Report Card 2010,
The video can also be watched on youtube here:

Basically two mechanisms perhaps both linked to the 2007 ice melt seem to be involved:
Arctic weather can come south when the polar jetstream is south of the UK so it does.
It also appears that for what ever reason the NAD has been reducing in flow and / or temperature and / or changing direction since the 2007 ice melt.

Both could be explained by warming in the Arctic which is happening at a faster rate than anywhere else on the planet.

Been for a couple of runs in rocklites unused for a year, women say high heels thrust them forward that is what it felt like back to the huaraches just double bagged - lining with coolmax toe socks over.
OK, down here not sure about the extreme temperatures in Scottyland not tried the wool socks yet.

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