Friday, 5 November 2010

Wet and windy waxed huarache test report

Immediately after 50 minutes in wet windy autumnal weather.

Wax comes in a block and goes on easily I put on a minimum to just cover the surface.
It worked well next time I would put on more initially as in a downpour and with abrasion you lose some stickiness.
On a very long run I would carry a small block and reapply periodically, short term squeaking after puddle immersions.
I have adopted the original Indian attachment method and tie off technique.
The trick I find is tie them quite tight initially making sure the heel is adjusted tight and then pull up hard when putting the first turn around your leg.

I have added my own twist to the Indian tie method I wrap excess around before pushing through the end to tie off.
The closure works because of the nature of leather any horse riders will be familiar with a simple slip knot for securing reins.
Again make sure you keep the leather flat on to your skin or you will lose it, a mistake you are only likely to make once;-)

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