Friday, 19 March 2010

Eyeball ache before a run and collapse

Got a barometric headache warm front went through at ~17:00 when it started - just checked going for a short run probably won't stop it developing into a migraine one of my eye balls is already starting to ache, balls - eyeballs!

Collapse the documentary (not the runner I hope):

First link is streaming video of the film.

Second a review.

Third his daily link listing, scare yourself silly on a daily basis ;¬)
Some of the comments are by nutty people, the links are interesting if you have time on your hands.

The guy is a bit freaky touch of the ego and Americans have a unique can do spirit.
Obviously bright though even if he does seem to believe in 'evil' and quotes a saint at one point.

You can see where his slightly mixed up world view comes from given his family and personal background

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